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So this is what Apple has become…


Eddy Cue reveals ‘Planet of the Apps’.

So this is what Apple’s future is – a vaporous, content-free, air headed ‘game show’ where a serious job is trivialised into nothing more than a contest.

Featuring 4 of the most ‘culturally influential’ people that they could throw some of those Apple Billions®  they have in the bank at – Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk, and

Switch your brain off, turn your social on.

There’s obviously a market for this tripe – the TV is full of it.

I just thought Apple was above all this, maybe a bit more refined, thoughtful, measured.

Leading the way, rather than following the popular herd.

Meanwhile on the ever increasingly excellent Netflix is a fascinating documentary series on what it is to be a designer – Abstract.


This programme is highly recommended – it gives everyone a serious, level-headed, but entertaining look inside the design process across several disciplines.

This is the sort of thing Apple ought to be producing, taking what it means to be an Apple user and well, abstracting it out.

Getting the message of the brand out there to the viewing public – well what the brand used to stand for.

I know Planet of the Apps is ‘just content’, but it’s Apple-sactioned ‘content’ and will be linked to the brand.

Eventually populist shows like this will damage the brand.

Apple used to be the choice of the designer (and still is in most cases), but we look at what Apple is morphing in to and it saddens us.

I would assume it saddens Jony, but I really think he doesn’t care anymore.

Still at least they’re not doing something even worse, like maybe a pointless, gum-flapping celebrity strangling a cat in a car with another pointless, gum-flapping celebrity, obsessed with the sound of their own voice.

Ahh right. I see.