The gig economy is killing us…

Not much to say about this picture really.

I’d let it speak for itself, but upon seeing some of the tweets from ordinary people that accept this kind of advertising and the attitude that it’s based upon, let me say a couple of things.

If Fiverr think we are ‘do-ers’, and are OK with working like this, then Fiverr are fuck-ers’.

Why don’t all us do-ers tell the talentless part of the population to fuck off and go and do it themselves?

If ‘do-ers’ have to literally work like this to compete, then they won’t do it. They’ll just give up this job and go and do something else more rewarding, like shovelling shit for a living.

But hey, the talentless gibbons running Fiverr don’t care. They’ve figured out a away of exploiting talented people to the point only the worst and most desperate can survive.

So this attitude doesn’t just hurt them, it hurts their customers as well.


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