Life’s not so Good at Apple…


Oooh very nice… pity it doesn’t work.. the router must be just behind the speaker…

Apple reportedly out of the standalone monitor business after discontinuing Thunderbolt Display.

LG 5K display must be kept at least 2 meters away from Wi-Fi routers

UltraUgly: Apple pulls LG UltraFine 5K Display from stores | MacDailyNews

In three posts, all that’s wrong at Apple.

  1. A bad, short-sighted decision
  2. which led to a show-stopping quality control bug
  3. which then led to an embarrassing withdrawal from stores

Pathetic. Sorry to say this but Steve would have painted the walls with whoever’s responsible for this.

It reminds me of the MobileMe debacle, Steve went apeshit and even openly criticised the people responsible at the iCloud keynote launch and in an email here:

Steve Jobs summoned the entire MobileMe team for a meeting at the company’s on-campus Town Hall, accusing everyone of “tarnishing Apple’s reputation.” He told the members of the team they “should hate each other for having let each other down”.

I doubt anyone is hating each other at Apple today – far to confrontational for Tim’s style.

I’m sure they will all get around a table and come up with a solution.

They’re not in a ‘blame culture’.

Hence why things like an Apple-blessed LG monitor is ‘tarnishing Apple’s brand’.

The people responsible for the decision to not produce their own display and to choose a 3rd party, ought to be ashamed of themselves.

They are dragging Apple’s once good name through the dirt.

Dirt by association.

This is terrible.

This is from Apple’s review section of the store:

I bought a couple of LG UltraFine 4K Displays.
One of them was broken. Very frustrated because of zero quality control.
Today I had got replacement. And do you know what? The new monitor has totally different color temperature! Color profile exactly the same, but one monitor has “white” shade of white color and another one has “yellow” shade of white color.
Have you promised P3 99%? You even can’t provide the same color temperature.
Totally disappointed, have to return.

The one thing you need your hardware to do as a pro, is have reliable colour control.

The first issue I had was intermittent connectivity with the built in speakers. Sometimes they would work fine, other times the speakers could not be recognized by my MBP. After hours with customer service (both LG and Apple), no resolution was reached. I exchanged the monitor for another and with the second monitor the speaker issue was fixed. Unfortunately, with the second monitor I experienced issues with a non-responsive computer after waking it from sleep mode that required unplugging then reconnection of the USB-C cable from the monitor to the computer.

Dropped connections are a Windows thing – not anymore.

The failing to wake from sleep issue has made this useless. The entire reasons i bought it was for the convenience of being able to leave my MacBook plugged in and charging via the single cable but every time i open the MacBook I have to unplug and plug the monitor back in, sometimes 5-6 times before it wakes up.

You have to UNPLUG THE MONITOR and replug it to make it work.

And one unbelievable report from MacDailyNews comment section:

I have this monitor I am looking at it as I type this. I love the look but it sucks. It only wakes from sleep about the 1/2 time. It doesn’t have a power button so I have to unplug it from my MacPro and replug to get it to wake up, which removes all my disks. I’ve been hoping for a patch that will fix it but I’m really starting to hate it.

If this is experience is prevalent across lots of users (and the monitor gets 3 out of 5 stars on Apple website), it shows that Apple couldn’t give a damn about the user experience.

This doesn’t sound like a long term product, it sounds like a stop gap, until they get around to making a proper Apple branded monitor, or more likely exiting the desktop market entirely.

Apple gear is supposed to be for users that want quality, fulfilling the promise of ‘it just works’, and who don’t mind paying extra to get that.

This product fails on every level and is a total insult, to not only pro users, but all users who defend Apple.

Apple’s solution to all this is to ask LG to please fix the problem. You know what Apple?


As a contrast I still have 4 of these monitors:


They’re built like tanks, work like trojans, and with colour correction hardware produce excellent, reliable colour to this day.

They are over 10 years old. They are the oldest pieces of Apple equipment in my studio.

Whoever was responsible for this display, clearly doesn’t work at Apple anymore. 

Can I ask the last person to leave Apple who knows what they are doing, please turn out the lights?



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