Customers just don’t care…


Do you know what? I really don’t like that shade of blue today, can we make it 3 pixels lighter?

Another wonderful, effortless piece of analysis from Mr Trott. 

Customers really don’t care about your brand.

Or your extensive research.

Or your targeted direct mail campaign.

Well, 89% don’t, which may as well be all of them.

The only thing you need to remember is that the most important thing is too make your advertising memorable.

Remember – the first place your customer sees your advertising, is alongside dozens of other brands in the newspaper, or on the doorstep of their home.

Your first priority is to get them to notice you.

The only way you do that, is to make your creative memorable.

The creative idea has to be the most important part.

Not the data, or the sales analysis, or the channel you’ve chosen.

I have tried to explain this to managing directors, marketing executives, operational leads, sales executives and any number of very important people, for many, many years.

None of them listen.

They’re more concerned with the fact that they don’t like that particular shade of blue.

Or that picture just doesn’t communicate value.

Or that the design isn’t the right balance between masculine and feminine, whatever the hell that even means.

Or the logo isn’t big enough.

Or there’s too much white space.

Or that picture is just too many millimetres to the left and it’s a critical business need, to move it to the right, just a little.

What I’ve deduced over the years, is that running a company is hard – it’s really difficult to motivate your buying teams to purchase goods that your customers want to buy, at the right price, quantity and with the perfect profit margin, or to motivate your sales staff to recruit more customers, or to sell more of your goods.

It’s far simpler to concentrate on tiny, easy to change details that have absolutely no connection with actual sales success, but give you the illusion that you’ve made some really important business decisions today.


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