OK, so I might buy some AirPods…


A breath of fresh AirPods.

The thing is, I have real problems in filtering out office noise.

The constant chatter, laughing, half heard conversations and inane music playing in the background all drain the creative concentration that sometimes is needed.

So, some people bring their own background music with them.

This isn’t necessarily frowned upon, but is a bit ignorant, cutting yourself off from your colleagues.

So I’ve tried some ‘background noise filtering’ apps for the iPhone and there’s two that stand out.

Binaural is an unusual app and it does 2 things: plays white noise (it calls this rain) and overlaid this is your selection of frequency of sound (handily labelled for different activities).

Press play and let it do the rest. It’s a very unusual feeling but it does help you focus and I’ve found certain frequencies alleviate headaches.

It’s free to use, with in-app purchases.

However it’s Noisili that stands out. It’s not free but it takes a different approach, in having a selection of different looping sounds, not just rain, but thunder, wind, train (my favourite) and also the deep hum of a fan and straightforward white noise.

You can mix these together and save your favourite combinations. 

Which brings me to the AirPods, from what I’ve read you can say in summary:

They’re expensive, but on par with similar products on the market.

They aren’t just Bluetooth headphones, they contain the W1 chip that aids pairing.

They’re Siri enabled, but it seems that’s not ready for prime time.

The battery life is excellent.

You may look a bit of a dork wearing them.

But, the main reason I’m buying them us so I can wear them at the office without drawing attention to the fact that I’m filtering out all that office noise, and the noise cancelling features are balanced so that you can still hear what’s going on around you.

Many have said that this product is a sign that Apple is getting back it’s mojo – they ‘just work’ by all accounts.

The reason I’m getting them is so I can ‘just work’ also.


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