Customers aren’t data…


Get to know your data…

Sorry I mean customers…

When I was studying marketing the thing I was told is that half of my ad spend was a waste of time, trouble was you would never know which half.

The only chance you had was to grab the customers attention with a great idea that changed their behaviour.

The drive to data driven marketing is trying to solve that initial problem – which part of my ad spend is wasteful.

The idea is to focus on the group of customers that will respond to your spend.

The best bang for your buck as it were.

Trouble is, customers don’t think like that.

One time, you may get it right, but those dang pesky customers won’t react the same next time, to the same stimulus.

That’s because people aren’t data, they’re not numbers, they’re not a spreadsheet that conveniently adds up to 100.

People are unpredictable & illogical.

You have to focus on what people are, not what they aren’t.

People are passionate, scared, excitable, fearful, full of want, desire, lust, envy and anger.

These are the traits that change behaviour, and they only thing that pushes those buttons is creativity.

And by creativity I don’t mean the marketing department ‘getting creative’ in a brainstorming session.

Are you confused that your target market didn’t respond to the targeted campaign you ran, when all the data pointed to the fact that 72% would because of their buying patterns or the fact there was correlation between their demographic position and the product?

It’s because you ad was shit, just like this one – PEOPLE DON’T DO THIS!



They do however DO THIS!


The Sainsbury’s ad was designed by committee and bears no resemblance to any customer behaviour.

The iPod ad was designed by the BWA/Chiat/Day team of Lee Clow, James Vincent, a former DJ and musician, and art director Susan Alinsangan, read the story here.



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