Chuq’s advice for Apple…

A long time Apple commentator and ex-Apple employee, gives his view.

I listened to Chuq on the Appletalk podcast and his point about Apple, “cutting the ends off the bell curve” is a really good point.

The marketing & finance people have taken over at Apple and they are drowning in data.

They’ve looked at the data and like all marketing people, want to be spending their money on things that are likely to return on the investment.

They’ve looked at the usual market sectors, and because nobody in marketing actually does any serious heavy lifting, they don’t understand those that do.

There’s a current illness in marketing where any market they can’t measure, they just don’t see, and marketing is full of people who can only truly understand people like them.

They look the all that data from sales, social, email, web and the only data that is shown by that are trendy millennials sat in coffee shops.

They respond to social, email, branding etc., so the data marketing collects is full of them.

The real pros who rely on Apple’s kit to make a living are too busy working to ‘respond to branding cues’, they just buy Apple every few years, because it works.

Problem is with all that data, it seems like servicing these pros is a waste of money.

The data doesn’t show the mindshare and influence that pros give Apple.

Marketing doesn’t care about that because you can’t measure it, and in their view, they don’t want pro’s evangelising and advertising Apple – that’s marketings’ job.

Problem is with all that data, it only tells what people have done, not what they will do.

Problem is relying on data, you lose your gut instinct – that ‘Steve Job’s’ effect where Apple entered markets because they wanted to create a great product, not simply did what the marketing’s data was telling them to do.

You make the odd insanely great mistake, but that’s what made Apple great.

I do sincerely believe that Apple is changing from a company that used to service professionals creatives, into a company that simply wants to be a dumbed down, lowest common denominator, lifestyle company.

We’ll see what this year brings, from what I can see it’s just minor updates to the iMac.

Next year we are promised more – new processors and a big jump ahead in terms of performance.

After that, 2019, we’ll all know what company Apple wants to become, because by then, they will certainly be there.

Whether the pro market is with them remains to be seen – I not that hopeful.


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