Apple, take my (employers) money!

I’m currently the design studio manager of a small Mac-based in-house design studio, which is part of a much larger, PC-based company. 

Every 3 years I refresh the Macs as the AppleCare run’s out. 

Last refresh I moved all users to 27″ iMacs, leaving behind a collection of cheesgrater MacPros of various denominations.

Apart from the odd screen quality issue it was the right decision. 
Speed, small footprint, a lot less cables to worry about, identical installs and less dust, all make managing those Macs a lot easier than it used to be. 

I’m not sorry that the cheesgraters were discontinued, as the iMacs are perfect for what we need. 

However there is one left, a venerable cheese grater MacPro RAID, that handles all the file serving, backup etc.

I can’t replace that, because, well, Apple hasn’t got anything to sell me that would replace it. 

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a big SSD with thunderbolt and hooking that to the network, but it’s a bit of a kludge. 

So the money stays in my pocket. 

And so the iMacs. 

AppleCare runs out next year, so I’ve looked at what’s on offer. 

And, well, there’s nothing to replace them with. Current iMacs are not that much different from what we’ve got. 

So the money stays in my pocket. 

Upwards of £20k, and Apple just doesn’t want it. 

Next year, let’s see who does. 


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