More differences…


I’ve written at length of the reasons why Apple can exist, seemingly to the bafflement of the PC/Android/Windows press and users.

Why do people pay the Apple premium again and again?
Why don’t Apple users simply see the value in build-your-own PC’s and cheap Android phones?
Why are they wasting their money?
Why do they like being in a ‘walled garden’. etc, etc…

I could write another lengthy piece about how their definition of ‘value’ is skewed, and I have in the past talked about this in respect to Mac vs PC, but the point of this article is to illustrate that it doesn’t matter about whether it’s to do with Mac’s or PC’s, because it’s happening again with iOS vs Android, and would happen with any perceived ‘value’ proposition, the object in question is just transitory.

Recently I was in a coffee shop, waiting for my kids to meet me after a cinema visit. I was a bit early, so I sat down with my drink and decide to finally finish a book I’d been dipping in and out of – “Jony Ive” the book by Leander Kahney. (It’s an OK book, a bit boring in places though).

Sat near me, were a small group of ‘younger’, people (mid-20s, early 30s), simply enjoying the day, chatting and socialising. They had phones, mostly iPhones & Samsungs and a Windows phone.

One chap however was busy – very busy.

Next to all the drinks and chatter was an iPhone – in pieces. Screws, plates, tiny screwdrivers were carefully positioned whilst he prodded and poked inside.

The others were busy talking, but one turned to him and said (their emphasis), “what are you doing?”

His reply illustrates my point perfectly.

“I’m adjusting the sensors of course”, he said firmly, (his emphasis).

Shortly after my kids turned up and I never found out whether that poor iPhone 4 (I think) was ever resurrected.

And there’s the rub – I use an iPhone (as most do), to actually use it. Reading, surfing, texting and even phoning people sometimes too.

Some people though are more concerned with tweaking, adjusting and maintaining. There will always be a market for those types, and Android and Windows is perfect for them – heck, I bet their car and possibly even their TV is in pieces most of the time also.

The market’s getting smaller though, hopefully it will disappear at some point and we can all get on with enjoying our objects, instead of maintaining them.


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