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Coming back to the issue of Apple’s software quality, it got me thinking a lot more critically of all the issues I have to deal with, using Apple hardware and software on a day-to-day basis.

The wi-fi issue is a show-stopper, especially for a Mac that doesn’t have an ethernet port, but here’s a few other, that simply have no solution:

1) SMB connections in Mavericks. Simply don’t do it. The SMB stack in Mavericks is so broken, it is less than unusable. It’s slow, glacially slow and should have never been shipped.
My solution? I make sure that all Mac’s use AFP connections.
Apple solution? Switch to Yosemite which has SMB3.

2) Outlook meeting invitations in Apple Mail/Apple calendar. Doesn’t work. Invites from Outlook users either don’t get through, or display a cryptic error message when accepting. On the odd occasion they do work, the acceptance doesn’t always get back to the PC. Useless.
My solution? Don’t use it and hope that Microsoft upgrades Mac Outlook so it works.
Apple solution? Crickets…

3) Handoff and continuity. It doesn’t work, at least not reliably. The compatible Mac’s (2 Airs, 2 iPods, 2 iPhones), sometimes see each other, sometimes not. Continuity I’ve got to work once.
My solution? Don’t use it.
Apple solution? Future update may make it work? Maybe?

4) Family sharing. Kind of works, but if one of your siblings has credit in their iTunes account, and buys something, it comes of of the organiser’s credit card. I’ve had the kids not able to open an app I’ve already given permission to, and the only solution is to re-purchase it.
My solution? Don’t use it.
Apple solution? Future update may make it work? Maybe?

5) Parental controls. Doesn’t work (stopped working in Mavericks). It logs the kids out hours before it should, it says you can only log in after a certain time, even when that time has passed. Lots of other issues.
My solution? Don’t use it.
Apple solution? Still doesn’t work in Yosemite. Who knows.

I’ve used Mac’s for over 20 years, and the worrying pattern here is that when something doesn’t work, Apple simply ignores it if you can get by not using it, or fixes it in a future version of the OS, which then brings a whole host of new problems.

That’s probably the reason the OS is now free, so at least you can’t complain about being charged for ‘a bug fix’.

I know Apple doesn’t listen, but they need a ‘Snow Leopard’ moment.

Apple – stop. Look at the bug list, work your way through it and release it when it’s ready.

If that takes 2 years then so be it – it’s not like you’re going to run out of money is it?


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