Much-needed iWatch thoughts…

Much-needed iWatch thoughts « John Moltzs Very Nice Web Site

Much-needed iWatch thoughts « John Moltzs Very Nice Web Site.

Great article by John Moltz at ‘Very Nice Website’.

Could not agree more with all these points, if the iWatch has notifications, it will drive me crazy also, and to mis-quote Steve Jobs it will eventually, “sit unused in a drawer somewhere’ just like my old Palm.

A point I’d not thought of though was the reason why Android Watches have notifications – it’s to send you ads, which is basically the reason Android exists.

Payments? I’ve always been very scared of NFC and the ability to ‘touch and pay’. I like to keep many barriers and steps between my money and a company who wants my money.

I’d like even more barriers between the potential thief of my device and my money – NFC makes it much too easy, so if the iWatch had this, then security would have to be bullet-proof.

The main point for me, is that it would have to be small. I have quite skinny wrists for a man, and most men’s watches look ridiculous on me (maybe I’ll look at the rumoured ‘female’ version of the iWatch!).

Sensors are a given, but again, security, security, security Apple – make it work.

And finally the most important features – it’s name. I really hope it’s not ‘iWatch’. I’d like Apple to simply evolve what they already have – iPod.

Retire the big iPod (now the the iPhone is rumoured to have a 64gb model), and re-position the 2 remaining iPods as wearables and call them iPods.

The iPod – evolved – would be a nice touch and a way to keep the complexity to a minimum and be a simpler message to sell to the public.

September 9th, we’ll know more.


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