Apple Argues that Copying Was Built into Samsung’s Development Process – The Mac Observer

Apple Argues that Copying Was Built into Samsung’s Development Process – The Mac Observer.

“Apple told a jury on Tuesday that Samsung didn’t just copy Apple’s intellectual property, but that deliberately copying the iPhone was part of Samsung’s “development process.” “

You can (and many people have) argued until they are blue in the face regarding whether Samsung copied Apple after it launched the iPhone in 2007, however from my point of view, I remember an incident very shortly after the launch of the iPhone that illustrates the ‘common man’ point of view.

I was wandering through my local computer superstore, looking for a phone for my son. It was to be his first phone and was going to be a very cheap, dumb feature phone.

He of course, wanted an contract iPhone, but as he was only 11 at the time, that wasn’t going to happen.

As I was looking around the store I noticed that the iPhones were separated from all the other phones (for branding purposes), and it was very clear that the iPhones were for one particular wage-bracket, and the other phones were… let’s just say they were cheap.

My son then exclaimed that he’d seen an iPhone for under £100 and that’s the one he wanted.

I scoffed of course, but upon looking, just for a second I thought – ‘they’ve made a mistake here, what’s an iPhone doing in the ‘cheap phone’ section’.

But it wasn’t an iPhone.

It looked like an iPhone, it had the same metal band around the edges, the same colour, the same rounded edges, a not too dissimilar button at the bottom, but it wasn’t an iPhone – it was a Samsung Galaxy S:

At that, in a nutshell, is Apple case.

Since then, Samsung have moved further away from copying Apple, but the first few phones from them in the wake of the iPhone, they deliberately, blatantly copied the iPhone.

The number of sales that Apple lost in that period is up to the courts, but this incident illustrated to me that Samsung rode on the back of Apple’s success and they need to punished for that.


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