Siri is the future…


I’ve posted before about the future of the iPad – I feel that in another 10-15 years time, we’ll all be using 20″+ tablets with multi-touch versions of Photoshop, InDesign etc.

I need to add another aspect to this – Siri, the A.I. that ties it all together.

Although a huge multi-touch tablet has been my dream, a nagging doubt has always been at the back of my mind, do I really want to multi-touch everything, all day, everyday, even for the most mundane tasks?

Probably not. Imagine choosing a particular font from a list of 200, cutting out an image using the pen tool, typing on an onscreen keyboard – all day.

Even with the most efficient, elegant OS, this would be tiring.

Imagine now that Siri could do most of that, just by listening to you. Combine with that a seasoned multi-touch user, and you have a seriously productive workflow.

And it all belongs to Apple.

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