iOSification of the Mac…


I haven’t upgraded to Lion yet.

At work I have a very complicated set up, ranging from PPC G4’s (yes G4’s – still working as print servers), through to 10+ PPC G5 main workstations (running Leopard) and a new Xeon MacPro running Snow Leopard Server.

At home, I have a very well used and happy 2010 iMac (Pre-Thunderbolt), running Snow Leopard.

I haven’t upgraded to Lion mainly because of software – Lion doesn’t run Rosetta, so a few pieces of software are currently a dead-end.

What has forced encouraged me to upgrade is iCloud.

I want/need iCloud, but seeing as MobileMe tied together work and home systems, a lot is going to have to be rethought.

I’m not exactly happy, but they are the cards we’ve been dealt – and I ‘aint moving to Windows.

All that upheaval is for another post however, this post is about what has happened to the Mac OS – what’s been called, iOSification.

A lot of what is deemed bad about Lion is to do with the iOS UI elements that have infiltrated the Mac OS. I’ve yet to have a hands-on with Lion, but in reading reviews, things like the scroll bars, Mission Control, Launchpad, Multi-Touch Gestures etc are all there for a very good reason.

iOS has become a force of nature at Apple. Let’s face it, they’re on to a winner here. The sheer sales numbers speak volumes – anything with iOS on it sells like hotcakes, usually beating all records.

Apple sells computers as well, but they just aren’t as popular as the iOS devices, and they want that to change.

What better way to get your average iPhone/iPad user to switch (or to actually feel that a computer is for them after all), than to make the 2 OS’s as close as possible?

It has to work – some would say it’s already working with 13%+ market share and climbing.

So although as a Mac user since the late 1980’s, I’m more than happy to see a few UI elements creep in from iOS (you can turn most of them off), if it means more and more people choose a Mac as their next PC.


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