That Apple ‘something’…



It’s very interesting being surrounded by people who don’t ‘do the Mac’, or ‘the iPhone’.

I’m not talking about your dyed-in-the-wool PC evagelist, but the neutral people, who didn’t even realise that having an opinion on whether your computer was a PC or a Mac (or a RIM or an iPhone) was even an option.

I’ve recently observed with interest a guy who decided one day that an iPad just might be of use to him in his work.

He travels overseas a lot and needs to view PDF’s and other documents at trade shows and finds even a netbook to be just too bulky.

He asked his IT Manager for an iPad, and basically got, “ugh, what is this Apple iPad of which you speak?”.

Not deterred, he bought one himself, from his own money, and manages and troubleshoots it himself.

It’s the comments he gives when you ask him about it that surprises you.

When you ask anyone about some new toy or gadget they have, their reaction is functional and technological – “it’s got lots of memory, it’s really fast” and err, that’s about it.

His reaction to his iPad isn’t like that, it’s an emotional response.

“It’s just amazing, it’s fantastic, it’s incredible, it’s wonderful” is his response (I expect a ‘magical’ will come along eventually).

He doesn’t know about the chip it uses, how much memory it has – it really doesn’t matter to him.

He’s found the app store and he’s gone ‘app crazy’. I’ll tell him about updating to iOS5 maybe next week and we just might get a ‘magical’ out of him.


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