Research In Motion?

It’s been an interesting few days for RIM. How things can change in such a short time.


Apple release the iPhone 4$ and almost in parallel, RIM has it’s most serious outage in it’s history.


Nobody seems to think that the proprietary, walled-garden of RIM’s messaging network could ever be a bad thing (those thoughts are saved for the Apple platform generally, and especially it’s new iMessage service).


It seems as long as the IT Manager says that RIM’s closed-off network is OK, then it must be fine, don’t worry.


Where I work, I’m surrounded by Windows and RIM devices, running a small Mac-based studio, and usually when this happens, people just give the ‘Microsoft’ response, which is, ‘oh well, watcha’ gonna’ do? Get used to it, it’ll come back on eventually.’


The IT staff grunt, and the normal users just go and make a coffee, stand around the water cooler, talking about how their PC at home does just the same thing, so this is nothing unusual.


This time it’s different. For the 1st time ever, the chorus has been, ‘When are we going to get iPhones?’


Director’s and Chairmen are having semi-heated discussions with IT Managers as to why this has happened. Some are satisfied with the, “it’s RIM’s problem and it’s worldwide”, some are not, even at my very conservative company.


Towit – a few ‘key’ staff now have shiny new iPhone4’s in their excited little hands.


A couple of staff members have brought their iPad’s in and use them extensively (keeping them hidden when the IT staff sniff around of course).


How things have changed – and will continue to do so.

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