Apple set for legal battle with ITV over new set-top box…

So some hack from the Mirror rings up Adam Crozier and says something along the lines of, “there’s a rumour that Apple’s TV venture is going to be renamed iTV – care to comment?”

Adam, who has better things to do with his time, like putting the channel behind a pay-wall, says, “Meh”. 

The Mirror then make some stuff up for page views, and hilarity ensues.

We then get an ‘article’, with the following choice nuggets:

“The computer giant” – thank you Mirror,

“Courtroom showdown” – ooh sounds exciting,

“ITV meeting with lawyers” – wow sounds official,

“Global ban” – holy cow!

“A channel insider” – the receptionist at the front desk,

“Problems with iPhone 4” – what’s that got to do with anything,

“Apple refused to comment” – evil, conniving Apple – up to their old tricks again, who’s gonna’ stop them?

Lots of sites have picked this up and I suppose it’s inevitable now that Apple is mainstream, but come on.  Apple have said before that iTV is an internal name and won’t be used in marketing materials, so this non-article should be resigned to the bin.


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