Microsoft’s worried…


Microsoft has released another round of ads aimed at PC users, to stop them switching to the Mac.

I’ll leave the analysis of the claims to others, but the one thing that strikes me is that a lot of people say that it is another round of Apple vs Windows.

It not quiet, because Apple’s ads didn’t ask Mac users to stop switching to Windows, because they weren’t. Both campaigns are different approaches to different issues. Microsoft is responding to Apple, but Apple doesn’t respond to Microsoft.

Every round of Microsoft’s ads is asking, nay pleading their user base to stop switching to the Mac.
This is the wrong approach for 2 reasons:

1) It puts Microsoft in a defensive position, aka “on the back foot”, which is a very undesirable position from a marketing perspective – you can’t build marketing momentum whilst retreating,

2) and they are legitimizing Apple as a brand to take seriously, and also they’re admitting that Apple have made great market success.

Thanks for that Microsoft – please carry on.


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