(Anything but) MacBreak Weekly 206…

The latest MacBreak Weekly is out, and what have we learned?

The iPhone 4 hack, which was done live on the last Twit episode was discussed and Leo, in his wonderful knowledgeable prose has suddenly realised that the hack is a huge open hole is the iOS and he really ought to be drawing attention to that, rather than gleefully pointing out that you can ‘break’ your iPhone and install lots of great apps, that have had no security clearance whatsoever.

And the wonderful multitasking that he criticised the iPhone for not having and praising his wonderful Google Phone for including – he now ‘just wants to switch that off’.

We then get a 9 minute (yes I timed it) infomercial about FordSync, and the that fact that he visited the factory. Not exactly ‘all things Macintosh’.

No extended discussion about the new iMac’s, new MacPro, or the Magic Trackpad. But we did sarcastically touch on the batteries that Apple now sell, in the last episode, so what more do you want?

Lots of talk about the new Droid that he’s using, and some crap about Microsoft.

As you can see, I’m not a big fan of Leo Laporte, as I feel that for someone who once said that advertising was not the way he wanted to go, he’s sure making up for that now.

I also feel that his loyalties are divided – I don’t expect him to be a MacFanBoy, but I do expect that on a show entitled, ‘MacBreak Weekly’, we actually talk about Apple at some point. In detail. You know, give us some information and opinion.

If I wanted some badly produced, unprepared, ill-researched chat about (anything but) Apple, then I’d go to a bar and listen in on someone’s drunken rant. At least it wouldn’t have a 9-minute commercial in the middle, dressed up as ‘part of the discussion’.

There are lots of other shows that do fill this ‘All Things Macintosh’ niche, but none with the calibre of guests. When Alex Lindsey hosted the show, we got a good, interesting discussion going on  – about Apple.

Maybe it’s time Leo stepped back from this show and let someone who cares about Apple take the reins, it really needs it.


One comment

  1. wafflejuice

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s gotten to the point the only tech podcast I listen to is Angry Mac Bastards, a reliable place to hear anti-Apple FUD and hysteria hilariously and savagely torn to shreds.

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