Microsoft’s misguided tablet strategy is the apotheosis of the company | Tech Sanity Check

Teflon Microsoft

TechRepublic report on Steve Ballmer’s latest smokescreen discussion to investors, designed to explain why they have nothing, repeat nothing to compete with the iPad.

Quoted from the article:

So Microsoft has talked about five different mobile platforms in 2010: Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Embedded Compact 7, Windows Phone 7, Kin, and Windows 7, with very little explanation about how these platforms relate to each other and which ones Microsoft wants to use in which settings. Is it any surprise then that Microsoft is flailing so badly in the mobile space and has no coherent tablet strategy?

Flailing is a strong word – and it describes Microsoft’s position perfectly. Ballmer still thinks that his company is the top of the pile, he really does think that everyone will just wait, wait until Microsoft has the answer.

They don’t. They have no answer, and, if everyone would just take their IT goggles off, just for a second, they’d realise that they’ve never had the answer, all the way back to DOS.

Since the beginning, Microsoft’s business plan has been:

1) See what everyone else is doing

2) See if it jeopardizes anything that Microsoft does (and seeing as they want to control everything, it always does)

3) See if they can copy (doubtful) / steal (if they can get away with it) / buyout the technology (more likely) to create the ‘Microsoft answer’

4) Launch the vapourware to freeze the market, so that everyone will wait until Microsoft are ready

5) When they (and their hardware partners) are finally ready with their buggy, incomplete, inelegant ‘answer’ Microsoft then tell their army of IT managers up and down the land to force into onto the users.

The companies these users work for either don’t know any better or aren’t interested anyway, and just use what they are told to use. Microsoft ‘Everyware’ continues.

This has worked on the desktop to the point where Windows is everywhere. But the desktop is now dying. Mobile is taking over.

Mobile is different – it has approached the user through a different route than the desktop.

The desktop came through the workplace first and onto the home second, along with the recommendation from the ‘geeks’ to just purchase Windows. The recommended this to further their own careers, empires and personalities, what the user wants isn’t important.

Mobile isn’t like that, it has come the other way, from the users, through to the workplace. What do the users choose? Well they choose ‘ease of use’ over everything else, and that’s not Microsoft.

Microsoft has been flailing about since the beginning, it’s only the IT Managers forcing it onto us that has hidden this fact. Now that mobile is in the ascendence, we seeing Microsoft for what the truly are.

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