Free (yes), legal (hmm, ok), safe (erm, sure about that?)…

So the iPhone 4 has been jailbroken, and tech pundits everywhere rejoice!

This Week in Tech break it live on air and all is well. Look at all this lovely software you’ve now got available!

We now have the phone that we all want and evil old Apple can do nothing about it!

It’s FREE, it’s LEGAL and it’s TOTALLY SAFE!

Apart from the fact there’s a huge hole in the iPhone security system now, any application from any source can be downloaded onto your phone, and can basically do anything it wants.

But trust them – IT’S TOTALLY SAFE!

In the real world, this is a zero-day exploit that totally defeats the iPhone’s security software, courtesy of Adobe no less. A specifically constructed pdf, containing a specifically constructed font, get’s past everything.

Thanks Adobe.

What troubles me, is the disregard Twit gives to the real issue here:

You can argue all you want about Apple’s policy on allowing unapproved apps on their phone – but it’s their phone.

They are responsible for every aspect of it, including the lawsuits that come their way when somebody crafts another ‘jailbreak’ that collects data, hijacks your phone – or worse.

Leo Laporte will scream from the rooftops when it happens – and everyone will also scream at Apple for allowing this to happen.


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