Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by millions…

An Android app that was uploaded to the Android Market that decorates your phone with wallpapers, is found to be collecting personal data and sending it to a website in China, according to Lookout.

It’s been downloaded anywhere from 1.1 million to 4.6 million times.

Kevin MaHaffey, chief technology officer at Lookout said:

“Even good apps can be modified to turn bad after a lot of people download it,” MaHaffey said. “Users absolutely have to pay attention to what they download. And developers have to be responsible about the data that they collect and how they use it.”

So basically it’s your fault, not Google’s fault for setting up a totally insecure, unchecked market place for you to download apps for their phones.

Maybe people will now be less prone to question Apple’s closed, lock-down approach for downloading apps into their phone – but I doubt it.

As a footnote, seeing as it’s now legal to jailbreak your iPhone, I expect it won’t be long before iPhone users too will be able to install excellent apps such as this.


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