The ‘Kin failure…

If there’s one thing that singles out Microsoft, it’s there ability to totally misunderstand a new market and fail to deliver anything of merit to that market.

But the Kin saga surprised even me. To actually allow the Kin to continue, when it was so obviously dead before it left the planning meeting, really shows that the only reason why Microsoft is still in business today, is because they got lucky with DOS all those years ago.

Everything else is momentum from that moment – and they’re slowing down. Well, not exactly slowing down, they’re accelerating less quickly.

The Kin shows quite plainly where the problems at Microsoft lie. Their corporate structure means that they can never deliver anything without hundreds, if not thousands of meetings. Those meetings slowly water the concept down, adding layer upon layer, feature upon feature, until they lose sight of what they actually wanted in the first place.

The customer? Hmmm…

Now, it’s bad enough that this happens. To actually allow it to market? And then to actually kill it almost immediately? It shows something really wrong at Redmond.

Coming back to the article above, if you skim way down to the bottom, past all the commentary from those poor saps at Microsoft who are as surprised and p*ssed as the rest of us, you get an unusual comment from the author Jay Yarrow.

“We feel like we’re only getting one side of the story here. And Microsoft PR isn’t really helping us. We’d like to hear from more Microsoft employees, particularly if you feel good about the company and think it’s doing well and all this complaining is bunk. Please email us at”

This roughly translates as, “OMG, is this really what Microsoft are truly like? Are they really that incompetent? Please no, I’ve structured my whole career, life and personality around them! Those Mac users were right. Please someone tell me everything is going to be all right, please, please!”

Because Microsoft have to truly compete in this market, because they don’t have the usual army of IT Managers to recommend or more often force onto their offerings onto the public (Windows & Office), this is what you get.

Half thought through, misunderstood, unusable technology that is designed by committee, and because it has to truly compete, it’s seen for what it is – total and utter trash, designed by a company who truly haven’t a clue.


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