Google open? Yes, when it suits them…

Great article over at TiPb, concerning the free ride that Google is given when they say that they are ‘open’, in comparison to evil old Apple being ‘closed’.

Choice comment:

Like any company, Google is open in what doesn’t make them money and proprietary as heck in what does. Android is open (under the Apache license, not GPL — which should give the philosophical FOSSies pause) but Google certainly hasn’t opened their search or AdWords platforms. Likewise Apple open sources WebKit (which Google uses for their browser) and OpenCL and Grand Central and FaceTime, but keeps their crown jewels equally closed. So enough already with the open stuff. You give me free services so you can mine my data, I sell my soul to you to use them. Deal. Just don’t insult my intelligence while doing it.

Emphasis is mine.

It strikes me that in recent episodes of Twit, and MacBreakWeekly, our titular host lauds Google with honour for being ‘open’, whilst is moving ever-increasingly away from Apple by labelling them not exactly evil, but not as soft and gooey as Google.

I feel that this is in part because he needs to attract advertising from all areas of the tech industry, so a ‘neutral’ stance is what’s required – which is fair enough.

As it is said above, every company treats it’s customers with care and respect, in the case of tech companies that care and respect surfaces as giving stuff away for free.

But every company wants to make money and they will smile sweetly, right up until they take your money.

Google have a business plan made of gold – the things they give away are very visual and apparent. But the way they make money is invisible, unless your a geek and are paying close attention to your surfing habits.

Apple business plan is a harder sell. Apple relies on you valuing your computing experience as something worth paying for. But in essence it’s the same as Google’s, give away what isn’t core to your business and charge for what is.

It’s nice to see that ‘some’ tech-pundits are paying attention.


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