Microsoft, gone and forgotten…

Ex-Microsoftie Robbie Bach confirms ‘Courier’ was vaporware

Are Microsoft’s shareholders distracted? Delusional? Asleep? Dead?

2 of the worst ever headlines that Microsoft could suffer, in days of each other:

1) HP abandons the Microsoft/OEM model for their phones and tablets, and buys in their own OS

2) An ex-Microsoft employee confirms what everyone new all along (apart from Engadget it has to be said), that ‘Courier’ was ‘vapourware’.

Or rather, ‘please don’t look over there at that Apple product, look see what we are just about to launch, erm-ware.’

Any other company with such a disastrous few days would be consigned to the rubbish-pile.

Any other companies stock price would be in the toilet, Microsoft’s however still grumbles along.

Rearrange the deck chairs if you want Ballmer, but Apple’s just passed you in market value.

Why are people still using this OS? Beats me.


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