There’s Apple, then there’s everyone else…

Do you know that computer you bought from Dell’s website?

That computer that ran somebody else’s operating system, that worked OK for a while and looked very pretty?

Do you know when it started to go wrong, with errors, slowing down, and then not-booting at all?

Well the reason that happened, well, it wasn’t Dell’s fault you see.

It wasn’t the OS providers fault either.


You didn’t buy that anti-virus software did you?

You didn’t buy that subscription that would stop this from happening.

You downloaded all that software, you used your computer day-in, day-out without thinking about taking those precautions, did you?

You silly little user. Computer’s are complicated things and you must not try to use them just for any purpose.

Here, take it to your local geek, or that lovely, shiny new Microsoft store, where they’ll make you part with even more money to get it working.

Even though it cost you next to nothing, they’ll make that cash back, don’t you worry.


Back to a serious point, it’s interesting to see Google behave exactly like the Microsoft-OEM model, where neither party take responsibility for the problems caused by that model.

What we really need is a model where one company manage the whole widget.

I’ll let you work out the rest of that thought process yourself.


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