Apples and Lemons…

What happens when you upgrade an iPhone with it’s latest software update?
All your data remains intact (even backed up in iTunes), and you get lots of extra goodies.


What happens if you upgrade an HTC Hero to Android 2.1?



Text and picture messages will be deleted with this software update. You can back up text and picture messages by forwarding them to an email address.

Open the Messaging application

Tap and hold on the desired text or picture message

Tap Forward

Enter an email address then tap Send


Applications will be deleted with this software update. You will need to re-download the desired applications from the Market after this update completes.


Via the ever-excellent Daring Fireball.

Can you imagine the fallout against Apple if they treated there users like this?

They don’t. They don’t because they care about the user experience.

This aspect of using Apple hardware and software, is the walking, talking and squawking definition of integration, of making the whole widget, of using an ecosystem that is derided in the popular geeky press.

HTC either don’t care, or more significantly are not close enough to the hardware to stop this from happening.

Google don’t care. They sold you a an OS, and that’s where their involvement ends.

A bit like Microsoft – and we all know where that lead.

No wonder Apple share-price, growth, cash pile and sales are skyrocketing.


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