This is how you spell it Adobe – I. N. T. E. G. R. A. T. I. O. N.

You know Adobe, I can sort of half understand why you want to write once, deploy everywhere.

I don’t like, or want you to do it, as it makes my Mac-using life an absolute misery, but in this cold, money orientated world, ease of use, full integration between hardware & software is something that only Apple seem to think is worth pursuing.

But come on, hard-coding mouse behaviour so that key features of Apple’s mice are hobbled?

I can bet that Microsoft’s mice aren’t so disadvantaged.

Issues like this are all the more infuriating, when people speaking on behalf of Adobe, think that things like the mouse integration aren’t important. 

John Paczkowski: Cross-platform mobile apps tend not to take advantage of native features unique to each device. What do you have to say about complaints that write-once-run-anywhere software results in subpar apps?

Adobe Co-Founder Chuck Geschke: Well, people don’t say that about Photoshop. They certainly don’t say it about Acrobat…. I’m a little confused about what the real examples of that are.

With an attitude like this, from somebody who says they love the Mac, we have a long way to go before Adobe ‘get it’.

I think we’re at the stage now though, where that attitude is irreversible.


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