Adobe, you’re in hole you started digging years ago…


Jeft Croft reports on the FlashCamp demo.

Jeff Croft outlining the crashworthiness of Flash, running at a Flash seminar of sorts no less.

This is via Daring Fireball, who points out that Adobe is in a hole and they had better stop digging.

Many years ago I attended an Adobe seminar as they were releasing InDesign 1.5. Back then InDesign wasn’t the Quark-crushing behemoth it is now, there was no transparency, no ‘CS look and feel’, it was a very good Mac app running on the latest and greatest mac OS 9.

The demo got off to a good start with the Adobe presenters showing off InDesign and its integration with Photoshop and Illustrator.

This was before the days of Adobe buying out Macromedia and its slew of Web-apps, so we also looked at GoLive as well (remember that?)

It was a great demo all in all and Adobe’s app shone like they never have before or since. I purchased InDesign for my studio team at version 2 and have never looked back.

Smattered through the group of attendees were several Windows PC users. A show of hands at the start of the demo illustrated that it made up no more than 10-20% of those present. This was why, after the Mac demo, a sad little Dell was brought on stage to demo the Windows version of these apps.

It didn’t even boot up. After several tries and increasing sniggers from the audience, the Mac guys were brought on stage again to give us a 20 minute demo of Applescript and how it fitted in with the Adobe apps and how it could help a content creative workflow.

Mac users need only apply of course.

We never got to see those Windows demos, the PC never worked, and any sane CEO of Adobe would have turned their back on Windows there and then and carried on supporting and integrating with the fantastic Apple technologies that their users actually used, technologies that actually worked.

But Adobe didn’t. For whatever reason, they decide to plough on ahead, pushing aside the proven Apple technology and arriving at the situation we have today.

Dumb down apps, referencing that buggy, crash prone OS we all know and love.

Stop digging Adobe, get out of that hole and climb Apple ladder before it’s too late.


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