Adobe. Does. Not. Care…


Excellent article from Rixstep concerning the current attitude of Apple in relation to Adobe Flash.

Steve Jobs Is Right...

Explaining the wider angle, and the history of Adobe attitude to Apple Macintosh development, it becomes clear the reasons why Steve Jobs takes the stance that he won’t let Adobe control a large chunk of development for the iPhone, like they now do on the Mac.

Put simply, Adobe just does not care about Mac users, or the Apple platform:

“Adobe didn’t try adopting Apple’s new technologies. There was no Cocoa inside Adobe’s applications. Instead they seemed to be sticking with Carbon which was only meant as a transitional solution anyway. But appearances deceive even here: Adobe’s Carbon bundles were in fact wrappers around PEF binaries, far behind the times, and this meant that Adobe customers often had to purchase upgrades when their software should have worked on their new Apple hardware. Adobe customers started getting shafted.”

I’m one of those customers, I’m currently about to purchase CS5 (upgrading from CS3) because I need a new license for a new starter.

“…to be completely reliant on them as Adobe remain is to be stuck back in the 1990s writing software for a platform that no longer exists. Adobe wouldn’t have anything to bring to the Apple computer OS market without Apple’s assistance in keeping those ancient technologies alive. And it must hurt Apple to have had to do this year after year with no sign of movement from Adobe.”

I guarantee that it does more than hurt Apple, it makes them inconsolable with rage.

“…it is a fact that Carbon has been officially deprecated today (hooray) and Apple absolutely refused to commit to a migration to 64-bit. And good for them – waiting 10-15 years for an industry colleague to get with the programme shows more than enough patience.”

Waiting 10-15 years for Adobe to finally take the Apple platform seriously shows the commitment they have for us is grudgingly given – they expected us to be dead by now.

Rixstep is optimistic with their last comment:

“from a purely aesthetical point of view, it’s nice to see the sluggish Adobe being pushed out of the Dark Ages and into the New Millennium. They’re only about ten years behind today; with a bit of talent and overtime, they might still catch up.”

They’d catch up a lot quicker if Apple would just buy them (not really practical), or if someone else produced a competing product (unfortunately they don’t).

Maybe Apple’s hard-nosed tactics might make Adobe finally take the Apple platform, (the platform that created their business for them), seriously.


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