I want the computer to do the computing…


Apple to xplatform developers: We’re no longer suicidal

Great post from CounterNotions regarding (at it’s core) the latest Apple & Adobe shenanigans.

This article neatly sums up where Apple is right now, and it’s great news if you’re Apple, great news if you’re an Apple user, not so good for everyone else.

Choice quotes are the unstoppable integration that Apple has in it’s DNA:

No other vendor can boast an ecosystem of 100 million devices (from phones to gaming devices to tablets) unified under a single OS, app/media store and a reliable and proven schedule of innovation pipeline.

and also the quality of it’s userbase:

No other vendor can match Apple’s global base of 100 million users with iTunes credit card accounts, with 49% of iPhone users having a college education and 67% earning more than $70,000 a year.

In previous posts I’ve argued that the one thing that holds Apple above anyone else, and why they are unstoppable, is the fact that the control the whole widget, and with that, their own destiny.

This control irks many people. Geek-pundits, Windows users, Linux users and developers all shout loudly how Apple need to be more ‘open’, and not take the ‘walled-garden’ approach.

It’s a strange word, ‘open’. Taking it in the context that geeks mean, you would need to build your computer from scrap parts, install Linux on it, and survive on open source apps.

Imagine that in a corporate or consumer environment – if you don’t have an army of geeks, or are not a geek yourself, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

Taking it in the context that Windows users mean, basically means choosing whatever hardware you’d like, but then sacrificing your openess at the Gates of Redmond and enslaving yourself to Win32bit API’s. Strange that 95% of the population are quite happy to do that, as if ‘openess’ just means the physical hardware.

Taking it in the context that developers mean, is allowing them to ‘write once, run everywhere’. Great idea in principle, and from the developers point of view the most efficient, but from Apple’s point of view, it dumbs everything down to the lowest common denominator – Windows.

Take Adobe for instance. If you’ve ever used the CS apps, you’ll know that it’s a sea of compromises. Put bluntly, the software feels ‘ported’. A good port, but you still feel as though it’s the Windows version, skinned with the Mac OS.

Taking it in the context that geek-pundits mean, you just need to be all nice, and hippy and open, and wonderful and calm and well just, you know… well, they haven’t really thought it through past that, they just latch onto this ‘open’ moniker as if that it is somehow fairer to all concerned.

They say ‘openess’ encourages innovation, tinkering and pushes technology forward.

The most innovative company bar none, runs a proprietary OS on proprietary hardware (Apple). They create desirable products that people want, and they make everyone who works with them a sh*tload of money.

The most open ‘company’, runs an open OS on just about anything that has a CPU in it, hasn’t innovated, or change any ordinary person’s life and doesn’t make anyone anything, other than make a warm fuzzy feeling inside, because they are all nice and ‘open’.

Now, to a layperson, I am what you’d call a geek. I understand computers, I use pre-press software and develop websites, but I’m fed up of tinkering. I’m fed up of spending any of my precious time, configuring and making things work.

I want a computer to do the computing, let me create something please.

Apple’s long journey from 1984 seeked to do this. I feel we are nearly there, but geek-pundits, Windows & Linux users and geek in general need to realise that progress means leaving all the tinkering behind.


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