Cory, I just want to go to the movies…

Cory Doctorow’s arguement is centered around his observation that you cannot treat the iPad like a computer, in that you cannot install anything you like on it, or take it apart, install a new OS etc.

It’s a valid point, twenty years ago.

I was one of those early geeks who had to hand code everything in Basic in order for my shiny, brand new computer to do anything. I enjoyed it at the time, because that was the best experience available.

I’ve then watched and experienced the rise and evolution of computers since, and the iPad is the next step in that evolution.

Do I hanker after those early days when in order to do anything on my £300 computer I had to hand code it myself or spend hours typing in code from magazines?

My god, I do not – whether Cory, or the other retro-geeks like it or not, the iPad is the future, they are confused as to what a computer is, or rather, what it has become.

I liken it to the car enthusiasts of days gone by. Previously, part of owning a car was the enjoyment of taking it apart and keeping/getting it working, only car enthusiasts could possible own one, everyone else was just a passenger.

A simple task such as going to the movies, meant a half an hour hiatus whilst they got the car started, in fact over time the whole experience was centered around the car, rather than going to the movies.

All the passengers simply got fed up and walked, leaving the car enthusiast (who had a great big grin on their face) up to his eyes in oil and grease.

Over the years cars have got better and better, to the point at which the passengers can now own one with confidence, and the enthusiasts have been sidelined.

They can now just get in the car, turn it on and go to the movies.

Cory, I just want to go to the movies please, as do the rest of us.


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