Are they really that arrogant?


Another completely inept comment from Microsoft Executive Stephen Elop, concerning the none existence of Apple’s iPad.

He may as well have said, “i-what?, who is this Apple of which you speak?”

Microsoft’s obvious strategy concerning the iPad, is to ignore it, whilst every developer and his dog is talking about it, developing for it, or already has an App, hot and ready for you to download.

Microsoft could be scared sh*tless of the iPad, they could be totally mystified by it, they just might not have people at Microsoft with the brains to develop for it, or just maybe they could be so totally arrogant that they feel that they can still go on ignoring Apple pretending they just aren’t there.

That arrogance will be their downfall.

In my opinion, Microsoft isn’t developing for the iPad because their potential Office Suite would be compared head-to-head with iWork.

Microsoft’s iPad Office would certainly have more features than Apple’s iWork (they are known for their feature-bloat), but it’s doubtful they could compete on price.

But once people had a chance to compare them, I think that Pages would be used more than Word, Excel would be more used than Numbers, and my goodness, they would never double click on Powerpoint ever again once experiencing Keynote.

And that is the main reason why Microsoft won’t release an iPad Office. They don’t do simple, they don’t do concise, they don’t do streamlined.

They do bloat, feature-upon-feature, menu-upon-menu, dross and irrelevant, time-consuming wizards, designed to get in your way and stopping you from getting the job done.

I know, I have to use Word, Excel & Powerpoint everyday, creating dumbed down posters and presentations, just because the person at the other end of the chain has the same program.

I try to use Pages, Numbers & Keynote as much as possible, but because of Office Everyware, if I need to send these documents out, I have to work with the lowest common denominator – Office.

I hope Microsoft never release Office for the iPad, because the more people see the beauty and simplicity of iWork, and then get a Mac, the better.

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