Palm’s swansong…

Once you have stories written about who’s going to buy you, it’s time to bow out gracefully.

Once you have analysts valuing your stock at zero, it’s time to turn the lights out.

I’ve owned 2 Palm’s in my life, my first was an Palm III, and the other was a Palm M130. I really wanted to fit these devices into my life, I even bought a IR keyboard, but they just didn’t quite fit. It was like trying to fit an octagonal block into a circular hole – at first glance you think, “it’s not quite perfect, but I’m sure I can smooth those edges off.”

It’s not until weeks, maybe months later of grudging acceptance that you quietly put the device into a draw, and let it rot.

Then, after a while you remember the poor, sad device and reach for it again, hypnotised by the promise that this device will somehow make you better organised, more efficient, or something.

You then realise that the battery has worn down to nothing.

My Palm III one day just didn’t turn on, and my M130 I sold to some other hapless guy, who probably went through the above exact same process.

Bye, bye Palm.


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