Clients From Hell Blog

An excellent blog, that invites stressed out artists and content creators everywhere to share their horror stories about their troublesome and ignorant clients. 

I loved this blog so much, I read the whole site over a couple of days, constantly having de-ja-vue, having had to deal with clients not dissimilar to the ones outlined. 

One comment however struck me, it was:

Nowadays, employers seem to think that all graphic design work is done by software and that the employees are just doing data-entry. I’ve even seem job offers that refer to graphic artists as “computer operators,” rather than the trained and (hopefully) experienced professionals they are.”

This really struck a chord, I’ve thought along these lines for sometime, that the public at large see graphic design as something now done by computers, and that ‘creativity’ is an unecessary burden that can be discarded. 

I remember reading an article, many years ago (early 90’s) that postulated the future of design software. They said something along the lines of:

“if the day comes that you can walk up to a computer and say, “OK I want a 3 column layout, fonts from template 4g, usual colours, big headline with relevant photos spread evenly throughout the page,” once that day comes, that’s not progress, that the death of creativity.”

We’ve come a long way since that article, but regardless of how fast and impressive computers get, the creative mind will always be sorely needed. 

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