Gruber nails it… 10 times…


Apple’s 10 biggest problems as outlined by Gruber, via Fortune.

I have immense respect for John Gruber and his blog Daring Fireball, having been an avid reader since its inception.

He imparted his opinions (10 of them) recently at Macworld 2010, and it makes very interesting reading.

I sometimes spend fruitless hours trying to find something to blog about in which I have an opinion that I’d like to share – and then Gruber comes along and gives me almost 10.

Gruber’s 1st point, Steve Jobs:

It can be argued, Gruber maintains, that Steve Jobs’ most important product — the thing he’s spent the better part of his energy building since he returned to Apple — is not the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone or even the iPad. It’s Apple Inc., the company. The pessimistic dig on Apple, says Gruber, is that it’s a supremely well-organized company organized around one irreplaceable guy. The optimistic view is that Jobs has structured it to run like his other company, Pixar, which manages to turn out hit after hit, year after year, without a charismatic celebrity leader.

I remember many years ago when Steve went on stage at Macworld, and gave us the ‘one more thing’ that Apple sorely needed at the time – THINK PROFIT.

Apple made, on a previous quarter’s loss of $700 million+, a meagre profit of $34 million – and the crowd went wild.

That, in essence is Steve’s most important product. Doesn’t matter about market share, it doesn’t matter about simply filling existing markets, it’s about creating product they want to make, and market them to make LOTS OF MONEY.

What’s Apple going to do with that money? – that’s the unanswered question.


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