The iPad can damage your health…

Bad back

Apple’s upcoming iPad can cripple you…

An expert has stated that Apple’s upcoming iPad dictates a working environment that encourage bad posture, and can/will introduce musculoskeletal issues.

You know, the iPad that no-one has used for more than 10-20 minutes yet.

The iPad that has an optional, perfectly ergonomic detachable keyboard available if you are going to be typing for extended periods.

The iPad that comes along after countless dozens of tablet PC’s from various manufacturers have been created, put forward into the market and discarded.

Strange how studies like this only occur when Apple ventures into the market.

I tried to find the source of this article from the author, an Anthony Andre, founder of Interface Analysis Associates (IAA) and a professor of Human Factors at San Jose State University, but I couldn’t find it.

Never heard of this guy before, but I have now, maybe that’s the point of this article.


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