Now that’s an interesting bar chart…

Interesting bar chart...

Apple Mac owns 90% market share for ‘premium’ PCs costing over $1,000

Via MacDailyNews & TheBoyGenius.

Although MDN is making a valid point here, in that Apple has 90% market share of the markets they operate in, it’s not surprising that this percentage is going up.

As the PC OEM’s race to the bottom, making more and more cheap laptops (netbooks), they exit the higher end of the market, effectively leaving this predominantly for Apple.

However it’s that bar chart that caught my eye.

I’d never really considered it, but Apple does indeed compete at the low end, it’s just that they do it differently to all the others.

Steve Jobs has said that netbooks are really a price-based solution to consumers wanting cheaper laptops.

They don’t do anything well, and make for a compromised, limited computer experience, but at least the OEM’s have a product at that price point – therefore soaking up sales to that segment of the buying public.

Apple does the same, but doesn’t compromise.

When Apple wants to hit a price point, they make sure that the product that fits that price point, does everything it’s designed to do perfectly, whilst still making a decent profit for them.

Yes, the further you go down the price scale, the less features each product has, but that’s not the point, they may have missing features, but every feature they do have, works perfectly without compromise.


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