Calacanis’ marketing machine…

Calacanis, "what did I do now?"

I don’t really want to comment on this, because I don’t want to pour gasoline onto a burning fire, but what the hell, I’ll take the bait:

Taking Jason Calacanis to task for being an attention-whore | Edible Apple

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But despite all of Calacanis’ obvious tech-savvy, and the ability to manipulate the interwebs to give his persona a boost, he doesn’t seem to realise that it’s not all about the numbers – two old marketing mantra’s come to mind…

1) It’s the quality, not the quantity of your audience that truly matters in the long run

2) You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time

The last two tricks he’s played on us, (the famous anti-Apple rant and now this fake iPad story), are cynically planned to boost his following.

People will get wise – this is not a trick he can keep on playing.


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