$39.8 Billion…


Via MacDailyNews via Businessweek:Way back in 1997, Apple was very nearly history.I remember back then that I seriously thought of getting out of the graphic design business for good, I could not face a career having to use, what was then, Windows 95/NT.I decided to hold on and hope for the best, but even I never thought that Apple could go this far.If there’s one thing that defines Apple, since 1997, since Steve Jobs came back, it is that everything they do, and I mean everything they do, MAKES THEM MONEY.A sh*tload of money.Profit margins on their hardware that others can only dream of (around 40% for the Mac).Software – since Steve Jobs returned, Apple makes the best software in their target markets (please Apple, take on Adobe!)Content – the iTunes store makes profit on music, movies and apps.Apple Stores – have the best profit per square foot of any retailer.Next we have the tablet, and with the rumours of more content deals and that huge data centre built for some as yet unannounced reason, we can expect that to rake in even more cash.But as the MacDailyNews/Businessweek articles states, what is it for?Apple have spent a little here and there, acquiring one or two businesses that make strategic sense.But there’s a lot of money left and it’s looking very unlikely that Apple are going to give that money to their shareholders (with a dividend), or it’s users (by reducing that profit margin).So what’s it for?Take a look at the graph at the top of the page – I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


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