Apple’s 22″ touch tablet, a return to the past..?


I’ve been a graphic designer for many years now. When I first got into this business there wasn’t just an absence of Macintoshes, there was no computerisation whatsoever.We created graphics using various sources; cameras, illustration, hand-drawn typography and galley type, all pasted onto a board ready for platemaking like this:


It was a long laborious process, and thankfully it was gradually replaced by the Apple Macintosh.I create pieces of artwork now that would have been impossible to do back then. Computerization has been a world changing event for my profession.A few years ago I saw a movie on you tube that really got me thinking, here it is:I thought back then: are we about to see a return to that drawing board? Are my children and perhaps even myself, at some point in the future going to work with an interface such as this, with the form-factor of that drawing board I used almost 20 years ago?A welcome return certainly, but even I thought it was decades off, until I read this:Apple to release 22″ touch tablet – courtesy of Digitimes.And elaborated here, at The eBook Test.I firmly believe that this touch interface and the hardware it runs on will arrive eventually, and will seem light years ahead of even that YouTube video, which is really just a projected image from beneath, tracking your hand movements and relaying that to some pretty sophisticated software.But even I didn’t think it would be this year – if the rumour from Digitimes plays out.That hardware, with Apple’s Touch Interface, connected to the iTunes AppStore for rock-solid reliability? That is a device that I’ve been waiting for all my life.


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