Tyrell Corporation’s 1st droid is in big trouble…

Nexus One

Tyrell Corporation's 1st droid, the Nexus One

Via Mac Daily News (‘cos I aint linking to Enderle).

It seems that The Tyrell Corporation, sorry, Google went to great lengths to create an iPhone competitor, and worked very hard on their GUI, partnering with HTC for the hardware and even went to generous lengths by screwing over Philip K. Dick’s Estate, but forgot the after sales service.

It seems that they really thought that they could use the same strategy that they used for almost all of their other technological efforts, like GMail for instance; just release it, and when something goes wrong, say it’s a beta.

They completely ignored the lesson learnt many, many times by Apple, that if you want to convince someone to part with cash for a new technology, you’d better have a damn good infrastructure in place if that person wants some support.

And they do – the Apple Stores are the crown jewel in their business plan, and is one of the reasons people switch to the Mac – the safety net of a real, trained, intelligent genius to talk to.

What do users of the Nexus One have? Email support with a promise of an answer within 2 days. Come on Google.

If Google thinks that the Nexus One is giving them trouble, imagine the support calls they’ll get on revision six, when the phone jumps a shuttle off-world, killing the crew and passengers, and then seeks out it’s creator and murders him, all the while being hunted down by Google’s next prototype phone.

(Anyone who doesn’t get the Bladerunner comparisons in this post, please read the book, or see the film).

Oh yeah, and Google, just give Phil’s estate some licensing fees and stop ripping off his legacy.


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