MobileMe update…


I’ve written many times about the frustrations I’ve had with MobileMe, the bad syncing, the ‘just plain not working’ problems, one of which needed a reinstallation of the combo updater.However I’ve just completed an upgrade of my design studio, upgrading everything to Leopard (yes I know it’s been a while) and I can now state (touch wood), the MobileMe is living up to its promise.I think the problems I have had is mainly down to the fact that the main central Mac is (and always has been) Leopard, and the other Macs have all been Tiger based.Now that we’re all Leopard, I’m seeing some very reliable and fast syncing, it now ‘just works’.It seems also that MobileMe’s infrastructure at Apple is also a lot more reliable than it was in the past.So, I’m now planning a roll-out of the syncing across multiple Macs, I’ll report back with my hopeful success.


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