Apple’s telling me I need a new Mac…


I’m quite a prolific user of the iTunes store and use it to buy just about everything it has to offer – music, apps, podcasts and even it’s limited selection of films.Over Christmas I decided to purchase a film I’ve great admiration for – ‘District 9’ – the tale of a fictional visitation of refugee aliens to planet earth.It’s a great film, and I’d highly recommend it to any science-fiction fan, or even people who like political drama’s. In fact on one level it’s even a love-story, so something for everyone I think (although it’s a bit gory in places).However this isn’t a review – it’s a comment on something I got in purchasing this film I wasn’t expecting – iTunes Extras.The iTunes Extra content sits a little oddly outside and separate from the actual film, in fact at first I didn’t notice it until I’d watched the film. When double clicking on it, it opens in the iTunes window as if you were looking at the iTunes store.The content is what you’d expect from DVD extras, documentaries and links to other content, however it looks to me that iTunes Extra is aimed at larger screen Macs and Apple TV.It doesn’t sync to the iPhone, which I thought was a missed opportunity.My poor little iBook only has a 12″ screen and the iTunes Extra content didn’t fit the screen, I had to scroll down and right to see it all – not the best experience really, I’d really expect it to scale to the screen.So it looks like that iTunes Extra is aimed at future technology, technology I can’t afford just yet.


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