Follow the money…


Psystar’s Sales just 768.Courtesy of Mac Daily News.

Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “According to a slide presentation that Psystar showed to venture capitalists in 2008, the Florida-based computer maker projected sales during 2011 of between 1.45 million and 12 million, with the first figure its ‘conservative’ estimate and the second number representing an ‘aggressive’ growth model.”

I don’t know who to be more surprised at, Psystar for assuming that they could take somebody else’s copyrighted product and market it for themselves, or the venture capitalists for seriously thinking this was a good investment.Well, one (or more) of them thought it was – the one question that remains unanswered in this whole sorry debacle, who exactly gave Psystar their capital to start up their company to begin with, and who continued to fund them through the courts?Calacanis? (There I said it). It would explain his attitude towards Apple of late, and his erratic diatribe against Apple.It’s doubtful that the evidence still exists, it being shredded, stamped on, burnt, recycled, bleached and shredded and burnt again, during the period when Psystar went into their hiatus when the money ran out.It can’t exist, because if it did, it would change everything.


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