‘iPhone’ worm? Not quite…

Computer Worm

Via MacDailyNews (sub-via the BBC, but I’m not linking to their FUD).

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So there’s a ‘worm’ that’s been discovered in the wild (or should that be outback?) in Australia.

Our intrepid license-fee paid for reporters at the Beeb, gleefully point out that it changes the wallpaper to a picture of Rick Astley, and as a side issue also point out that it only affects jailbroken iPhones.

In my opinion, a jailbroken iPhone is not an iPhone – not the iPhone that most people viewing the BBC news item would buy and use, so the headline ‘Worm attack bites at Apple iPhone’ is a little inflammatory.

Leaving aside that issue, where does this leave all the whiners who have constantly asked, nay, demanded that Apple make their iPhone an open platform?

(I’m thinking of such high-profile ‘Apple-supporters’ such as Laporte, Inakhto, to name a few).

Does this not validate and verify Apple stance of a closed system, with only approved apps allowed?

Apple said at the time that a smartphone is a far more vulnerable computer than a traditional laptop or desktop, and therefore needs a different approach in terms of what is allowed to run on it.

Maybe the oft-used and derisory statement that ‘Apple knows best’ is correct after all.


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