An insight into Jobs…

Steve Jobs lego

People in the know speak about Jobs…

Recently on CNNMoney, 8 people gave a rare insight into Steve Jobs, and it makes enlightening reading – choice quotes are:

“He does it in a very black-and-white way, while the rest of the world gets caught up in the gray — or caught up in themselves.” – Andrea Jung
“It struck me that there wasn’t furniture good enough for Steve in the world. He’d rather have nothing if he couldn’t have perfection.” – Larry Ellison
“He set the performance standard for product thinking and product execution that all the rest of us should aspire to hit.” – Marc Andreessen
And this is why we don’t see a tablet from Apple – yet. Many tablets have been created – and rejected.
I’d rather have nothing at all, than a tablet-like product looking for a market to fit into.

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