Ballmer must go? Say it isn’t so!


The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: NY Times all but says it: Ballmer must go

Posted using ShareThisSurely any right-thinking person would admit that the total eradication to the technical dead end that Microsoft has taken us all down, must be a good thing?If ‘total eradication’ is too strong then any reduction in their influence can only make all of our lives better?The surest way to make that happen is to keep this total idiot in his place, in fact make it federal law that he has this job for life.Microsoft still have far too much power, with the desktop still firmly in their grasp, and although Google, Apple and others owe a lot to their current success due to their sterling innovation and business acumen, Ballmer being asleep at wheel can only help matters.I for one would feel very worried with a newly invigorated Microsoft with a new guy at the helm with countless billions to spend.


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