Looking at my options…

MobileMe ending

So I’ve had a rocky year with MobileMe that’s tested my patience to it’s limits. Many others agree with me:

Apple’s MobileMe Still Having Issues – SteveNet

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Although by all accounts it’s not as bad as when it first started (I joined after the MobileMe team were sacked replaced), it still could be so much more.

My plans were huge for Apple’s syncing service, I was going to connect up my freelance work, and sync the computers in my studio (about 6-7 Macintoshes) and much more.

The reality? I dare not do more than sync up one work Mac, with my home Mac.

The amount of troubleshooting I’ve had to do just keep this running smoothly means that if I pushed this out to the full studio, I’d spend too much time keeping it working – time I just don’t have.

Apple, I know that this is a small blog that nobody reads, but you really, really need to do something, and quickly – like the image above says, you’ve got 51 days before I’m forced into making a decision of whether to continue.


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