MobileMe – it could be worse…


MobileMe DOA?Shared via AddThisI’ve written before about the problems I’ve had with MobileMe, and that it doesn’t seem as rock-solid as we’d like.I’ve had problems with data syncing, needing to re-set sync data on 2 occasions, and one problem needing to reinstall a combo updater.Many pundits have written that maybe this is proof-positive that ‘the cloud’ is not and indeed cannot, live up to its promise – a totally reliable, always backed-up, always available media-rich experience.I’ve decided to give MobileMe the benefit of the doubt and use it ‘carefully’ and with a constant overseeing to make sure that all is well.I’ve commented in a recent post, that with all the problems Apple had and continues to have with their cloud, maybe we are seeing the limits of their competence and maybe after all, Microsoft with all their expertise, can do it better.I’m glad to be proved wrong.Microsoft just doesn’t care…It’s hard to know where to begin with this. Microsoft bought a company called Danger in early 2008, and basically took a perfectly functioning online service for T-Mobile’s Sidekick users and whilst performing an upgrade, totally screwed it up in the worst way possible.They actually lost their data. Forever. Gone. No backup.What’s Microsoft current market cap? $230 Billion?How is it possible that this could happen?And more importantly, why do people constantly continue to deal with this loose collection of morons that dare to call themselves a company?In all my criticisms of MobileMe, I have never lost even one ACSII characters worth of data. It’s been a pain to reset sync, and I’ve invented at least 4 new swearwords when I was troubleshooting Apple’s cloud, but Apple have made sure that I never actually lost anything.Well done Microsoft for allowing confidence in the cloud to be dented even further than it was. Morons.


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